Admission Form

Welcome to Gurmukhee Vidyala

You are now starting the admission process for your child into a Gurmukhee School. Our students will go through a syllabus that teaches Gurmukhee.
Terms and Conditions of admission for new students
  1. The minimum age requirement for admission of a student is 7 years. The school administration may request for a copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  2. It is requested and required of every student to ensure their hair (head) is covered during the attendance of school.
  3. The student ID card is an important part of the uniform and it is required of the student to display it at all times.
  4. The student's Gurmukhee syllabus requires the teachers and students of the school to conduct classes with conversations taking place in no other language other than Punjabi.
  5. It is a requirement of this school that the student does not attend or learn Gurmukhee from another school or teacher whilst enrolled in this school.
  6. Students enrolled in class 3 and 4 classes should practice their daily Gurbani recitation twice a day.
  7. Absence from any class without prior notification to the school administration may attract a fine. If for medical reasons, an absence of more than a week is required, please issue the school with a copy of the medical certificate.
  8. Please note there is a $50 non refundable admission fee. 
Information about Student
Date of Birth
If Yes – please email details to or speak to a teacher


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