Today’s businesses depend on sending, receiving and creating information. Traditional mail and faxes play a part, as do digital tools like email, FTP and cloud-based file sharing. However, when it comes down to storing important company information in a secure, reliable environment with a global network of users, many companies are turning to the next generation of online data exchanges such as virtual data rooms.

VDRs are highly sophisticated online information exchanges that offer robust document protection as well as collaboration and communication features. They are used to share and store content securely across an international user network. They provide 24/7 accessibility and support. They can be accessed by any computer, tablet or mobile device that has internet access. They are ideal for sensitive and private documents and can be used to aid in diverse business processes that include strategic partnerships, fundraising and due diligence.

VDRs are used to help with due diligence in M&A transactions. Both the buy-side as as the sell-side require an area to keep, manage and review the necessary documentation. VDRs can help companies simplify the process of strategic partnerships, which is a key aspect of growth strategies.

The technology behind these online repositories has advanced dramatically in the past five to 10 years, and numerous vendors offer a range of pricing options, ranging from pay-per-page upload charges to per-user fees for adding or removing users. When selecting a VDR provider, consider the transparency of pricing and practical features that are utilized rather than features that are seldom used. The iDeals platform has a simple interface and is extremely efficient. We’ve completed 3 multi-million dollar/euro M&A deals with iDeals and have been very pleased with our customers.

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